About LAE

Bavi Christy


King's College London, BSc Mathematics

It's amazing working at LAE, working with such keen and talented students.

I really enjoy teaching my subjects Maths and Further Maths at A-level and what I really enjoy about working here at LAE is that we go beyond teaching, we provide our students with so many opportunities that they can take advantage to enable them to flourish in the future. For example to study Mathematics at universities like Oxford and Cambridge students need to succeed at the MAT exam and I'm delighted to be able to run MAT preparation sessions on a weekly basis for those students who wish to apply. This is the type of preparation our students need to help level the playing field so students from this area can go on to study at the very best universities.

I grew up in the local area and I attended secondary school here and I find it particularly fulfilling to be able to help students from my local area, and even students from my previous school.

LAE students are so incredibly talented and have so much potential it's a privilege to help them take advantage of the many different activities that LAE offers them, it's an honour to help them achieve.