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Independent investigator’s report

Independent investigator’s report

In March of this year, LAE’s Headteacher exercised his discretion under the School’s Complaints Policy to admit formal complaints from a small group of alumni. These complaints related to events in the period 2014-16 and amounted to allegations of Islamophobia. The Headteacher also appointed an experienced independent investigator to investigate those complaints at arm’s length from the school.

The Investigator investigated all complaints submitted to the School with the exception of two that were received six weeks into her investigation. The scope and substance of the two late complaints overlapped closely with those already under investigation. The final report, as released to the complainants, is attached below. Redactions have been made to this report to preserve personal information but for no other reason.

In summary, the Investigator:

  • finds that the School’s Governing Board acted appropriately and transparently in its decision to discontinue multi-faith facilities at LAE in September 2015;
  • levels fair criticism at the School for its over-reliance on the multi-faith facility in Stratford Westfield in the period 2015-20; and
  • concludes that there is no evidence that the LAE or any of its staff, either past or serving, discriminated against Muslim students.

The School sincerely hopes that this independent, thorough and detailed investigation brings these historic allegations to a close.

The School is aware of activity online that misrepresents historic allegations as current and targets by name former and serving members of staff. Having commissioned a thorough independent investigation in the interests of natural justice, the School will vigorously defend its reputation and the reputations of its staff from further allegations of this nature. 

The School has sponsored provision for prayer at a community facility a few moments’ walk from its building since January of this year, prior to receiving the complaints from alumni. The Headteacher continues to work with current students and staff to refine how the School supports their practice of their faith within the constraints of its resources and educational priorities.  

LAE continues to value the diversity of its student body, including the faith diversity of that body. The School celebrates the contribution of students of all faiths and none.

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