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Careers Support

At LAE Stratford we are committed to offering all students an effective and impartial programme of careers education, information, advice and guidance to support them in making choices that will enhance their life chances, guide them in choosing career paths that suit their interests and abilities and help them to sustain employability throughout their working lives.

This means developing in every young person the values, skills and behaviours they need to lead successful lives. LAE students will receive a rich provision of careers education, both inside the classroom and within professional contexts that develop the character attributes which underpin success in education and employment.

Every Year 12 student completes our Pathways programme, in which they learn employability skills such as CV writing and interview skills, as well as meeting professionals from a range of fields. Opportunities are also shared weekly with students to gain work experience.

At LAE Stratford, we follow the eight Gatsby Benchmarks for an effective careers programme. These are:

1. A stable careers programme

At LAE, we have our long-established and successful Pathways programme to help equip our students with the information, skills and advice they need to find success with their university applications and beyond.

2. Learning from career and labour market information.

We have a Careers and Opportunities Manager who ensures that our students are provided with the most useful and up to date information. We also give all students access to Unifrog which is a brilliant tool for supporting them with university and apprenticeship applications.

3. Addressing the needs of each student.

Our tutoring and house system ensures that staff get to know all students really well, putting them in a good position to offer bespoke advice and guidance to each one.

4. Linking curriculum learning to careers.

We have plenty of in-house experts, including our unique academics-in-residence who provide an extra level of guidance and support in the key STEM subject areas of Biology, Chemistry and Maths.

5. Encounters with employees and employers.

We support students in securing their own work experience placements and arrange numerous talks from industry experts as part of our Pathways programme and lecture series.

6. Experience of workplaces.

We organise a huge range of workplace visits throughout the year, and support students in securing their own work experience placements.

7. Encounters with higher education.

Every student visits at least two universities outside of London and one inside the capital during their time at LAE. We also host an annual Higher Education and Careers Fair which hosts some of the best universities in the UK.

8. Personal guidance.

As well as our Careers and Opportunities Manager, our tutors, heads of house and subject teachers and our academic team are all available for students to speak to, giving them tailor-made advice to help them make good career decisions.

We continually evaluate the impact of our careers programme through: student surveys, feedback from professional volunteers and tracking of students who are engaging with opportunities. We seek further feedback from our alumni to help shape and develop future programmes.

Further information about our careers guidance and education is available in our Careers Guidance Policy. The information here will be reviewed in Summer 2022.

Please direct any queries to our Careers Leader, Eddy Barnes (Assistant Head, Academic) by emailing eddy.barnes@lae.ac.uk, or phoning the School reception (020 3301 1480)  and ask to speak to Eddy Barnes.

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