What We Offer

Support for Students

We pride ourselves on being a very supportive school, as shown by student retention rates in excess of 99%. A Level study can be intense, so we have a variety of ways in which we support our students academically, pastorally and financially to help them reach their potential.

Academic Support

We offer numerous drop-in sessions and interventions across all of our academic departments to offer extra help to those who need it. Teachers are always willing to answer questions, and regular assessments ensure that all our students have a good sense of their strengths and areas of development.

On top of this, we also have a full programme of learning support for those who need it. You can read about the full programme here.

Pastoral Support

As well as ensuring that our students are achieving academically, we do everything we can to ensure that they are healthy and happy too.

Every student has a tutor whom they see daily and who is responsible for their wellbeing. Time is set aside every week for 1:1 mentoring, and we run a large number of sessions focussed on wellbeing too.

Our dedicated Pastoral Manager and school counsellor are also here to ensure that our students can access any additional support that they may need whilst at LAE.

Alongside this, all of our students belong to houses which provide an extra layer of pastoral support and community.

Tutor groups are made up of both Year 12 and Year 13 students which allows the older ones to share their experiences and advice with the newer students.

We have four student led networks that work to enhance the student experience: Mental Health Network, Gender Equality Network, BAME Network and LGBT+ Network.

We are proud to have a real sense of community within the school where every student can be their true selves and feel welcomed and supported.

The School Culture

One of the things that our students tell us they value most about LAE is the supportive and caring culture of the school. Every member of our school community is here because they share the same aspirations and attitudes to learning and success. This means that staff and students work together and support each other to achieve the most that they are capable of.

Financial Support

At LAE we are committed to ensuring that all students in our care, regardless of their socio-economic background, achieve the highest possible outcomes and can take full advantage of all the amazing opportunities that we offer. We are driven by a commitment to social mobility and widening access to higher education and career success.

LAE is able to financially support students in a number of ways dependent on their needs. Please follow this link to see the full range of financial support available to students at LAE.