Apply to LAE


Throughout the application and enrolment process we receive a lot of similar questions from students. Is the information you are looking for listed below? If not, please contact us.

I made a mistake on my application form. What do I do?

If you made a mistake on your application form, please email us at with the details, and we will update your application for you.

Please do not submit another application.

I haven't got my mock grades. Can I still apply?

Yes! We sort out the details of your grades directly with your school and will be accepting revised grades up until the 5th of February. Be sure to apply by the 22nd January 2021.

I did not apply by the deadline. Can I still join LAE Stratford?

Due to the very large numbers of applications we receive each year, it is very unlikely that we will review late applications.

In line with our oversubscription criteria and admissions policy, late applications will only be considered after those received before the deadline.

There is the chance to attend on enrolment day to see if we have any places remaining, providing you meet the entry requirements. However, the likelihood of there being places is very small.

What provision is there for remote learning?

We ran a very effective virtual school during the Spring lock-down in 2020. We delivered over 72,000 individual teaching hours and did not have to cancel any lessons.

Likewise, all of our pastoral support moved online too, meaning our students had access to all the usual brilliant support and guidance.

We also ensured that all students and staff had the equipment and training they needed to study and work effectively from home.

We are fully prepared to repeat this if needs be.

What is the dress code at LAE Stratford?

Our dress code is designed to both personally embody and publicly reflect, the high expectations and professional ethos of the academy.

As a guide, when deciding how to dress, always aim to present yourself as you would for an interview at a top university or professional role in a company.

Compulsory items

All sixth formers must wear smart business attire to include:

Trouser Suit

  • Tailored jacket with matching trousers.
  • A formal, sleeved, single-coloured blouse or single-coloured shirt in a plain fabric, with a hard collar and the LAE tie.
  • Smart, dark, single-coloured work shoes with a low heel.

Skirt Suit

  • Tailored jacket with matching skirt, no shorter than knee-length.
  • A formal, sleeved, single-coloured shirt in a plain fabric, with a hard collar and the LAE tie.
  • Smart, dark, single-coloured work shoes with a low heel.

Dress Suit

  • Tailored jacket over a smart, single coloured dress, no shorter than knee length.
  • Smart, dark, single-coloured work shoes with a low heel.

What are the school hours?

LAE’s school day starts at 8.20am.  Lessons and a wide variety of different curricular and co-curricular activities continue until at least 4.00pm each day. The Library is open from 07:30 until 6.00pm

Can you start off with 3 A Levels in Year 12?

All students start a 4 x A-Level programme of study in Year 12.  LAE is a school that was set up to stretch and challenge some of the brightest students in the country!  It also ensures that LAE’s students keep as many options as possible open to them in Year 13.  About three quarters of students drop down to 3 x A-Levels in Year 13.

What support is available to students?

We provide our students with a whole range of academic, pastoral and financial support measures. You can see how we do this here.

If you don't do well in your Year 12 exams, do you have to leave?

No!  Students are never asked to leave on the basis of their performance in their end of Year 12 exams. 

Who can supply my application reference?

Your referee should be a member of staff at your school who knows you well, usually your tutor or head of year.

How long are the lessons?

Each period lasts for 50 minutes.

When is enrolment?

Our Enrolment Day is on the same day you receive your GCSE results in August.