Apply to LAE

Entry Requirements

The LAE curriculum is academically rigorous and challenging. Accordingly, places will be offered to applicants who are assessed as being most likely to meet our minimum entry requirements and who will benefit from the opportunities offered at LAE.

Minimum Entry Requirements

To meet our minimum entry requirements, all applicants must demonstrate that they are likely to:

  • achieve at least five 9-7 GCSE grades (A*-A in unreformed subjects)
  • achieve a grade 6 or above in both GCSE Mathematics and English Language.
  • achieve at least a 9-7 grade in the GCSE subjects they wish to continue to study at A level in Year 12 and meet minimum course requirements

Subject Specific Entry Requirements

Entry requirements 2023v2


  • it is possible to study Economics, History,  Psychology or Philosophy and Theology (RS) in Year 12 if the subject was not studied at GCSE;
  • it is very unlikely that French, Spanish, Mandarin or Italian can be studied in Year 12 if the subject was not studied at GCSE;
  • in some cases, a minimum grade in a relevant supporting GCSE subject may be required for an offer-holder to be enrolled for the study of a particular subject at A level