What We Offer

Learning Support

LAE is committed to offering students a learning experience that is challenging and rewarding and that prepares them well to make applications to university. LAE is keenly aware that addressing individual learning requirements is crucial to each sixth former’s success, and all teachers are committed to ensuring that lessons challenge and support all sixth formers. LAE is committed to providing Learning Support (LS) to sixth formers who are likely to benefit from it.

LAE takes a proactive approach to identifying and supporting sixth formers who are likely to benefit from Learning Support; students with previously identified Special Educational Needs are supported, where appropriate. We also recognise that we may have to identify and support sixth formers whose high academic achievements have hitherto masked a likelihood of benefitting from our support. Learning Support may be applicable to any sixth formers with a diagnosis of a SEND (Special Educational Need & Disability) but in some cases it can be made available to those without. Teachers are trained to identify characteristics of sixth formers who are likely to benefit from Learning Support and a referral system ensures that their observations are followed up. LAE maintains a register of sixth formers receiving Learning Support and tracks their academic performance. The Learning and Language Coach (LLC) evaluates the effectiveness of Learning Support on an ongoing basis.

Parents and Carers of SEND students may contact the school at any time via their child's tutor or Head of House, and may arrange meetings with either the Assistant Head (Academic) or the Learning Coach and any mutually convenient time. Both the Assistant Head (Academic) or the Learning Coach are also available at Parents' Evenings.

As a result of our structured programme of support and intervention, outcomes for SEN six formers were slightly above whole school performance in 2019 (the most recent year for which externally set public exam data is available) with 94% of SEN learners achieving A*-B in all of their A Levels (school average 93%).

SEND process at LAE

  • Identification
    • Enrolment information (history of SEND support)
    • Teacher referrals* (underachievement)
    • Lucid Exact test (all sixth formers at enrollment)
  • SEND screening (conducted by an external educational psychologist)
    • Additional Lucid Exact test
    • Further Testing (if necessary)
  • Provision
    • Form 8s resulting in exam access arrangements 
    • Support from Learning Coach
    • Small-group classes
    • Equipment needed for supporting the learning of SEND provided by the school through our SEND budget
  • Progress checking
    • Grades
    • Learning behaviours
    • Teachers' and tutor's views
    • Student's views

* Not all referred and self-referred students are automatically entered for SEND screening. Only after a discussion with the teachers a decision is made whether the referred student should be tested for SEND. Some students are supported by the learning coaches without going through SEND screening, for example in cases where the cause of underachievement is lack of organisation and poor time-management skills rather than cognitive difficulties.

If you have any questions, please email office@lae.ac.uk or call reception and mark the message for the attention of Assistant Head, Academic and the Learning Coach.