What We Offer

Academic Excellence

Our focus is your focus - to secure the exam results you need to move on to a top university or entry to the profession of your choice.

In 2019 LAE was once again the highest achieving mainstream state sixth form in the UK, according to the Sunday Times Schools Guide 2019.

Our students truly value working alongside like-minded peers who also want to achieve, and appreciate the productive and purposeful nature of every minute of every day at LAE.

Every week you will have 20 hours of academic learning time; five hours per subject per week, plus independent study time to work by yourself and with your peers, and to help you to manage your own time, in preparation for later life.


Grade LAE 2019 National
A*-A 65% 25%
A*-B 93% 51%
A*-C 99% 76%


Our most recent, record-breaking results were the best in East London and saw even more students achieving the very best grades needed to gain places at the country’s top universities.

Our average grade was an A+.