About LAE

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LAE is proud to be part of the excellent A level provision on offer in Newham. Our students strive to gain the very best grades and LAE is one of the very best places to achieve this.

Our focus is your focus - to secure the exam results you need to move on to a top university or entry to the profession of your choice - this is our commitment to academic achievement, a valuable part of our unique 'LAE experience'.

Class of 2022 results

Our class of 2022 achieved the best set of A-level results achieved through public examinations in the school’s history.  

  1. 36% of all grades achieved were A*
  2. 72% of all grades achieved were A* or A
  3. 90% of all grades achieved were in the range A* to B 

A provisional measure of the value added to our students’ education places LAE in the top 1% of schools nationally. A testimony to the school’s inclusive ethos: there was no statistically meaningful gap between the achievement of those students who joined us having been eligible for free school meals and those who did not.  

Student destinations 2022

In 2022, LAE students went on to study almost 120 different courses at more than 45 different universities in the UK and United States.

Student retention 2022

The overall percentage of students who enrolled at LAE Stratford and subsequently completed their two year A level study programme in 2022 was 99%