About LAE

Shiza Ather


University of Cambridge: Ba Natural Sciences, University College London: MSc Chemical Research

Working at LAE is really amazing, I love the culture here. All the students are really engaged and interested in all their subjects.

It is fantastic to teach chemistry at LAE because I have such interested students in my classroom, and these students are, themselves, also very interesting. The ideas and the concepts they come up with are sometimes surprising and they engage with lessons so very well and ask really difficult and interesting questions.

I think LAE is a really great place to study for our students. For a lot of them it's the first time that they're able to have such academic conversations with their peers. Often they've come to us from secondary schools where they've been the brightest in their class and haven't really had the opportunity to talk about the subjects that they're interested in in such an academic way.

One of our core values is kindness and I think it's probably the most important one: to be kind to one another. Even though our students are all extremely high achieving people who are doing really well in their subjects I see a lot of humility in them and in their interactions with their peers. That, in itself, is a form of kindness and that should be celebrated.

Many of our students come from diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds and we at LAE work to give our students a really high level of education as well as other opportunities to achieve their potential. Education is one of the biggest equalizers and I'm proud to work at a school where social mobility is so enabled.