About LAE

Nick Kandratsenka


Chemistry, Economics, Maths, Further Maths, EPQ: Effects of Exercise on Mental Health / Illness (A*)

LAE provides real opportunities to develop oneself as an individual.

Through LAE I worked with a charity called 'Teach for India', we ran fundraisers and raised awareness for the inequality of education in India. I also was able to visit India to help out with some of these children, it was honestly an incredible experience that I will forever treasure.

LAE has exposed me to a range of experiences which have served to widen my CV and my knowledge: I have enjoyed competing in the UKMT mathematical challenges, where I achieved numerous awards. UKMT experiences were immensely stimulating, challenging my problem solving and non-linear thinking skills, whilst growing my interest in mathematics. I also competed in the AMSP Senior Team Maths Challenge, where my team came in first place, this experience improved my ability to communicate my thought processes and work collaboratively in a team to approach problems creatively.

Over the holidays I took part in two MOOCs hosted by Imperial College London where I explored complex ideas, like matrix manipulation and further vectors, before encountering them in the classroom. I also attended a summer school at the University of Cambridge and gained experience in both the insurance and private equity sectors with SEO London.

My aspirations are to study Mathematics at the University of Oxford and I'd like to apply that somewhere where I can actually make a difference in the world, where I can actually see an impact and feel that gratification that you're doing something good.

LAE comments: Nicholas completed a meticulously planned EPQ on the effects of exercise on mental wellbeing which was graded A*, he is currently holding offers to study Mathematics at the University of Oxford and UCL.