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Clubs offered

When you enrol at LAE, you will be asked to select three clubs that you would be interested in joining. You will be allocated to one of your options (we cannot guarantee which one). This club will last one whole term (unless stated otherwise).

See below for more information on the incredibly wide range of clubs we have offered:

Amnesty Youth Group

Join this group to stand up for human rights, justice, fairness and freedom. Help to organise events, create publicity and lobby MPs whilst having fun enjoying interesting discussions within our group. This club is open to anyone interested in creating a fairer world.  

Art Club

Develop your art, pastels, drawing or watercolour painting skills and explore your creative side.  This club provides the chance to take time away from a busy schedule and focus on yourself, socialise with fellow students and develop your talents.  

We will make use of Youtube tutorials, experiment with different techniques, have a go at some different challenges and just go with the vibes.   Everything is provided but if you would like to bring your own sketchbook/materials feel free! No experience or skills required just enthusiasm! 

Astrophysics Club

This club is for students who are fascinated by space science, keen to get involved in genuine research and gain coding skills to analyse real astronomical data. 

You will take part in research projects in conjunction with University College London and Queen Mary University London analysing data from orbiting satellites to investigate Exoplanet Transits, Magnetospheric Waves and Quasar Spectroscopy.

As well as ongoing research, you will look at other aspects of Astronomy and space science, make telescopes and classify galaxies.  This club is mainly aimed at students studying Physics and Maths in year 12 but open to keen non physicists too.

*All students are expected to commit to this club for a full academic year*

Baking Club

Learn to bake some wonderful recipes provided by our catering team!

Cupcakes, bread, muffins, biscuits, puddings and much more.

  • All utensils and ingredients supplied. 
  • You will need a large plastic tub and lid to take your baking home each week

BAME Network

This club provides an opportunity for students to get together to support each other, discuss issues, inform and inspire each other and connect with other BAME groups for wider discussions. 


Standing together for equality to make the world a better place.

BIOART: Dissecting and Drawing Club

This club will enable you to take an artistic look at the wonders of the living world. 


We will be looking closely at organisms (both living and dead); developing your dissecting skills; taking photomicrographs of specimens you've prepared; photo-shopping these images; creating models and artwork of the specimens.


This club is not exclusively for Biologists, who would gain much from this, but also for those with an artistic talent looking for something a little bit different.

Book Club: Gods, Goddesses, Mortals and Monsters

This club starts with the best chapters from Homer's Odyssey and explores its myths and their representation in other classical texts including Virgil's Aeneid and Ovid's Heroides.  We also look at modern adaptations, including poetry, novels and film that have reinterpreted the myths for our times. 

This is for anyone who wants to expand their reading horizons. It will include a real (or virtual) theatre trip too. 

Chess Club

Open to all students to come along and play.


Beginners are welcome to come and learn to play. Existing players can improve their skills with plenty of opportunity to play matches at your own level, be part of a league or enter competitions against other schools.

Circus Club

Open to all students from complete beginners to advanced levels.

A great way to de-stress, learn new skills and make new friends.

  • Learn to juggle, devil stick, spin poi …
  • Improve your skills, learn new tricks
  • Practice and perform with others - multi-person patterns are fun and rewarding

Cool Choir

For singers who enjoy performing. 


This is a singing group that will sing rock, pop, rap, soul and musical theatre. The song choices are yours to make, arrange and create your own harmonies.


This group will rehearse to perform at various LAE events.

Creative Writing Club

For any budding writers out there, the Creative Writing Club is the ideal place to hone your writing skills, find out about competitions and writing opportunities, and meet a friendly group of like-minded individuals. 


Whether fiction, poetry, drama or journalism, the club provides an hour a week for you to work and receive feedback on whatever sort of writing you're interested in. 


The club also hosts 'New Views' sessions -- a scriptwriting course run by the National Theatre, that gives young people the opportunity to write and have their plays performed by professional actors at the end of each year.


Debate Club

For students considering joining a debate team. 

You can be new to debating or a veteran, everyone is welcome. This unique style of debating improves your confidence, critical thinking skills, public speaking and research skills. 

This is a friendly group who work as a team and enjoy lots of debate!


Excel Club

A great club for students wanting to improve their excel skills and use it like a pro!


Learn to use spreadsheets, workbooks, formatting, formulas, editing, and simple computations (adding, subtracting etc)

Eco Network

  • Are you passionate about protecting the planet for a safe and healthy future for us all?
  • Are you concerned about the ecological and climate crises?

Even if you don’t know much about them, all are welcome to join us.


This year is especially important as world leaders meet in Scotland to address the emergency. We have lots to do - events to organise, speakers to book - but we promise we’ll have fun doing it!


Global Affairs Club

Global Affairs is a club for students looking to learn more about the world as it is. We’ll delve deeper into the topics hitting the headlines, cut through the noise and learn to effectively, impartially and convincingly debate.


Perfect for those studying politics/history but we also want (and need!) contributions from those taking other subjects.


Have your voices heard and shape debate!

Go Club

Go is a fascinating strategy game of pure logic invented in China more than 2,500 years ago. Extremely popular in Korea and Japan, and with a growing community of players throughout the world, Go club is a great opportunity to learn about this ancient game. The rules are simple, but the possibilities endless.

As part of the club you will learn the basic rules, develop in-depth strategies and have the opportunity to compete in tournaments. Both complete beginners and experienced players are welcome!

Guitar Club

We offer a limited number of places to students who have never had the opportunity to learn to play guitar. You will be provided with a loan guitar if you do not have your own. 

  • Lessons take place in the classroom with a teacher online and have a subsidised cost of £70 for the term
  • If this club is over-subscribed you will be sent an application questionnaire to complete.

Historical Film Club

This club brings History (back) to life by providing an opportunity for all History-loving students to watch and discuss films and documentaries about their favourite historical figures, periods and events.


Club members will be able, for instance, to experience the trenches of the First World War (1917) or a 19th century US slave market (12 Years a Slave), to survive the inquisition in Medieval Italy (The Name of the Rose) or lead a slave revolt against the might of Rome (Spartacus), to name but a few!

Japanese Club

The Japanese language can be one of the most difficult to learn but incredibly interesting.   If you like the idea of learning Japanese, you will be taught by a native speaker and learn everything you need to know. 

Please note this club is a 2 hour club each week 2.10-4pm 

Karaoke Club

For those who want to reimagine (or reinterpret) their favourite songs using the LAE Time Traveller (aka the karaoke machine), Club Karaoke awaits you.  Fresh (ish) from his success (Second Runner Up) at the Torquay/ Torbay World Karaoke Championships 2006, Mr Purden invites you join him sing the academic blues away from September 2021. 

  • Skills required: ability to hold microphone; speed reading. 
  • Skills not required: professional singing voice, though useful if in possession; embarrassment gene. 

LAE News

Open to all students. Keen journalists, editors, writers and planners, we publish our LAE News Booklet twice a year.

You will be involved in the planning and content of each edition, writing and editing articles, sourcing information and interviewing. This is more about project management then writing, so if you are keen to get involved, come along!  

Maths Club

In the first term you will club will prepare for the UKMT Maths Challenge. The UKMT challenge is a well-known Maths challenge across the country and it is a great extra-curriculum competition for A-level Maths students to participate in. Every year, we have around 100 students participating, and about 40% of students achieving a certificate.

For the rest of the year, you will learn the history of maths, explore the application of maths in real life, and research advanced mathematical topics beyond A level. 

Mental Harmony Club

The focus of this club is on improved concentration and mental clarity. Explore the concept of emotional intelligence and the ability to relate to others and oneself with kindness, acceptance and compassion.

Some of the activities and questions explored during the sessions will include: meditation:  acts of kindness; what makes us happy; challenging negative schemas;  judging life positively and feeling good. 

Music Appreciation Club

Explore and share your love of different musical genres and artists.


Each week different students will lead a session on their chosen theme (individually or in small groups) considering the style, history, politics and culture of the music (or whatever seems most interesting to you!) and of course, giving us all a chance to listen to and discover new music. 

Nature Club

Do you love nature? London is teeming with wildlife if you just know where to look.  You will go on nature walks to local parks and spot the plethora of insects, birds and plants that are just waiting to be discovered.  You will help to develop ways to bring flora and fauna closer to LAE, by planting seeds and making bug hotels, or crafting eco-friendly presents for friends and family.  

Origami Club

Origami is a creative art-form that helps improve hand-eye coordination and mental concentration. Learning this new skill allows for mindfulness practice which helps to reduce stress.

Anyone considering a career as a Dentist, Veterinarian or Medical Doctor (particularly budding surgeons) should consider this club as it will improve an over-looked vital skill, manual dexterity, which should be mentioned on your UCAS application.

Join us for some fun creative paper folding challenges  

Personal Growth and Development

This club is based on the premise that we can all do with some time to check in on ourselves, step off the hamster wheel and think creatively about how to change our experience for the better!


It is about starting to shed self-limiting thought patterns in order to be authentic to yourself. It will be a structured mix of journaling, mindfulness, relaxation and creative exercises, and designed to be laid back and fun. You do not have to share what you discover in the process unless you wish to do so: there will be some respectful pair-work talking but no massive show and tells in front of a group of people!

Philolosophy Society

This club provides the opportunity to discuss and debate a variety of philosophical ideas in an informal, friendly environment. Each week students decide on a different topic, from ethics and morality, the philosophy of mind, metaphysics, politics and more. No previous knowledge or experience in philosophy is required, just an open mind and a willingness to consider a variety of perspectives. 


If you are interested in developing your critical thinking, logical reasoning and debating skills, or just interested in discussing the big questions regarding life, the universe and everything, this is the club for you.  

Political Discussion

Are you interested in the news? Do you wonder how the country could be run better? And what would 'better' mean anyway?

In Political Discussion Club we consider local, national and international events, trying to get the bottom of what we each think - and why. We explore what we agree on, where we disagree, developing a better understanding of why reasonable people may hold different views to us. From Brexit to benefits, Partygate to private schools, local, national, international - we tackle it all, with LAEmpathy and curiosity 

Practical Chemistry Club

Enthusiastic practical scientists are welcome to bring their own ideas and take a lead in this club. All experiments will be agreed on, planned, and prepared as part of the weekly sessions.

Inspiration will be provided from many sources e.g. YouTube channels like NileRed; the Royal Society of Chemistry's 'Kitchen Chemistry' / 'Chemistry in Your Cupboard'; and 'microscale' experiments that allow us to focus on the theory.

From weekly quick and easy experiments to working on larger projects together, if you have the ideas then you will decide. 

Psychology Society

The purpose of Psychology Club is to offer a meeting place and sounding board for all psychology enthusiasts in LAE, whether they are formally studying psychology or not.  

The Psychology Club will discuss mental health issues, psychology in sports and media, and various psychological concepts within several contexts. The aim is to give students the opportunity to interact with others within the field of psychology and explore psychology as a wider concept. The Psychology Club will provide an opportunity for those interested in psychology to connect with like-minded others through engaging debates, activities, and events. 

Poker Club

Most people think poker is just a game of luck. It is not. There is some luck, which makes for unpredictable fun, but the best players always come out on top in the long run.


How do they do it?

There's some basic Maths and hand selection issues, but the psychology is possibly the most important factor.


Find out all about this, and have some fun, by joining the poker club next term. Please note - we do not play with real money. We use chips, keep a running score and then there are prizes at the end of each term for the winners.

Scrabble Club

If you love a game of scrabble, this is the club for you. Players of all levels welcome, play against each other, take part in a points league if you wish and make new friends!