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LAE Coronavirus Appeal

Supporting our students, Supporting our Community

Whilst the Coronavirus pandemic affects all of us, what has become increasingly clear in recent weeks, is that those with the least, have been hardest hit. A recent study by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed that Newham, one of the most deprived, diverse and densely populated parts of the capital, has been the worst affected local authority in the UK.

As a Newham school established to help students from disadvantaged backgrounds achieve their full potential, we are acutely aware of the challenges facing significant numbers of our students, whose lives have already been touched, directly or indirectly, by the recent tragic events. 

More than ever, our students and their families are in need of additional support. We are launching the LAE Coronavirus Appeal to ensure that we can help to limit the hardship that they are facing.

Donations to this appeal will enable us to:

  1. Provide laptops and the equipment needed to support remote learning for students who do not have their own: At present, 20 of our students do not own the computer they need to fully partake in online learning. Rectifying this is essential to make sure that their education is not harmed during this pandemic.

    A donation of £1000 (or £800 plus Gift Aid) would allow us to provide four students with Chromebooks.
  2. Increase counselling provision for our students: although we have been able to provide many students with essential counselling and advice remotely since the school closure, we still have a waiting list of students who need support to help them to make sense of personal challenges, tragedies and difficulties in these uncertain times.

    A donation of £1500 (or £1200 plus Gift Aid) would allow us to provide an additional fifteen hours of counselling per week for a month, allowing us to support more students into the summer and the next academic year.
  3. Set-up a Coronavirus Hardship Fund: since the lockdown began, we have been contacted by students and their families who are facing increasingly serious financial difficulties as a result of the pandemic.

    This fund would provide support to students and their families for necessities such as food and clothing. A donation of £100 (or £80 plus Gift Aid) would help us to cover the cost of a family’s weekly food shop.

We have been extremely grateful for your generous support of LAE. These are challenging time for us all, but if you are able to donate, your gift, big or small, would help us ensure that our students and their families receive the resources they need to get through this crisis and continue their education.


Thank you,

Scott Baker