Posted on: March 7th 2024

Cold War Workshop with the National Archives

Year 12 Historians were thrilled to participate recently in a workshop on Cold War primary sources led by an expert from the National Archives, the guardians of over 1,000 years of iconic national documents.  

During this engaging session, LAE students had the opportunity to analyse secret telegrams exchanged between some of the architects of the post-World War II world order, such as Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt.  These confidential messages provided a unique window into the geopolitical tensions, covert negotiations, and strategic manoeuvring that defined the Cold War era.

By deciphering coded language and grappling with questions about ideology and power dynamics, Year 12 students' critical thinking abilities were brought to the fore. The workshop not only enriched their historical knowledge but also equipped them with practical research skills, helping them further develop their exam skills. 

Year 12 students,  commented on the National Archives workshop: 

Inaya: "The national archives workshop was an enriching experience and really signified the importance of provenance when analysing a source." 

Kavin: "I found the National Archives workshop useful in building our source analysis skills, a vital component of critical thinking both within and beyond the curriculum."