Posted on: May 7th 2024

LAE Joins the World Leading Schools Association

Wlsa logo aug 2023

We are delighted to announce that we are have been accepted into the prestigious World Leading Schools Association (WLSA), the first British state school to ever achieve this honour.

This landmark achievement for LAE, places the school alongside esteemed institutions like Eton, Harrow, and Winchester within the WLSA. 

The WLSA is a remarkable alliance dedicated to fostering collaboration and learning between students, educators, and leaders from secondary schools and universities worldwide. Through innovative programs and networking opportunities, the association tackles educational inequality and empowers students from disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue university applications.

The core values of the WLSA resonate with LAE's own mission:

  • Access: Providing all students, regardless of socioeconomic background, with the chance to learn, travel, and develop as global citizens.
  • Success: Equipping students and educators with the tools they need to become future global leaders.
  • Impact: Empowering students and educators to make positive change on a global scale.

LAE Stratford students will gain significant benefits from this membership with access to scholarship opportunities through WLSA's extensive network, making prestigious American universities for our talented students.

Alex Crossman, LAE's Headteacher, comments: "We are honoured to be part of a network dedicated to offering needs-blind university access to deserving students from all backgrounds. The majority of our students are brilliant young minds from low-income families, and attending a US university is often a dream achievable only through highly competitive full scholarships. The WLSA scholarship program significantly increases the chances of our students achieving their aspirations."

Currently, around four LAE students are accepted each year into American universities, including Ivy League institutions like Harvard and Yale. This number is anticipated to rise with access to WLSA scholarships.  We are delighted that joining WLSA will elevate the exceptional opportunities available to LAE's talented student body.