Posted on: June 13th 2024

Supporting Aspiring Students with the Faissola Foundation

LAE is delighted to announce an extended partnership with the Faissola Foundation. This collaboration will provide ongoing support for talented LAE students from underprivileged backgrounds.

Shared Commitment to Educational Equity

Founded by Michele Faissola in 2020, the Faissola Foundation shares LAE's unwavering commitment to educational equity. Recognising education as key to success, the foundation works to empower young people from disadvantaged backgrounds by providing them with the tools they need to build a brighter future.  Mr Faissola emphasises the importance of this transformative power: "Both of my parents were teachers. They taught me that all children can build a foundation for success given the right tools and resources. The Faissola Foundation is happy to support organisations such as the LAE that are devoted to addressing the current crisis in educational inequality."

The LAE Faissola Scholars Program

The partnership between LAE and the Faissola Foundation began in 2022 with the sponsorship of ten students. Sponsored students received funding for additional educational resources, academic mentoring, career guidance, and educational trips. Our successful collaboration has now expanded to include the LAE Faissola Scholars Program.

Uwc student council presentation 3A Unique and Enriching Residency Experience

The LAE Faissola Scholars Program offers a unique, annual university-style residency program for a select group of students. Scholars are chosen based on a combination of exceptional academic achievement, family background (including educational history and household income), and demonstrated potential.

The inaugural residency took place at the prestigious UWC Atlantic College in Wales. Participating students gained invaluable experiences which will help prepare them for their future studies at highly prestigious universities. Future programs are planned for Liguria, Italy, further enriching our scholars' educational journeys.

Life-Changing Opportunities for Aspiring Students

Uwc evening at the beachHeadteacher Alex Crossman enthusiastically welcomes the extended partnership, highlighting its potential to provide life-changing opportunities for deserving students from disadvantaged backgrounds:  "We are delighted to extend our partnership with the Faissola Foundation to provide ambitious, hard-working young people from low-income homes with the sort of educational opportunities that those from more affluent families take for granted."