Posted on: August 17th 2020

Open Letter to Year 13

Dear Year 13,

Following on from last Thursday’s results day and from the mounting controversy around the award of this year’s A Level results, culminating in this afternoon’s dramatic announcement that Centre Assessed Grades will now be used in England (as in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) as the basis for this year’s results, I wanted to write to you personally to commend you both individually and as a year group, for the tremendous resilience and kindness that you have demonstrated in recent days.

Firstly, I would like to start by congratulating every single one of you for all you have achieved across your two years of A Level study at LAE. I hope that you are as proud as we are of everything that you have accomplished in that time. With more than 200 students having already accepted offers for places at top universities in the autumn, we wish you every success with your future studies and hope that you feel that LAE has prepared you well for the next chapter of your education and for the careers that will follow.

Having written on Friday to the Secretary of State for Education, Gavin Williamson, and to the Chief Executive of Ofqual, Sally Collier, to formally register my serious concerns about the devastating impact of standardisation process that was put in place, I am delighted by today’s announcement. As I argued in my letter, Ofqual’s attempt to try to limit grade inflation nationally in order to ensure parity of results with previous years, effectively placed a glass ceiling on the achievement, aspiration and ambition of tens of thousands of hardworking students both at LAE and nationally.

As a school that was set up to help students to fulfil their potential, realise their aspirations and overcome disadvantage in all its forms, the news that LAE’s Centre Assessed Grades will now be used as the basis for the awarding of A Level grades is an important step forward in terms of redressing the countless inequities and injustices that the previous standardisation process inflicted, and restoring a sense of fairness and faith in the educational system.

Ofqual’s full announcement this afternoon can be found here. Like all schools, we are now awaiting further details of what this U-turn and significant change means in practice - particularly in relation to university places - and will provide all students with a fuller update as soon as we know more. Please rest assured that LAE will continue to do everything that we can to support you in the coming days, weeks and months.

Best regards,

Mr Baker

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