Posted on: November 28th 2022

Eton x LAE Leadership Institute (ELLI)

The new cohort of the Eton x LAE Leadership Institute (ELLI) met recently.

Hosted by Eton College, Year 12 students from LAE and Eton College were introduced to the innovative year long programme which centres around engaging with leadership through an ethical, academic and practical lens. Throughout the academic year they will be attending:

  • a series of evening talks and dinners at Eton College on the theme of leadership
  • a weekend non-residential seminar on leadership in Central London
  • a residential weekend leadership conference at Eton College in Summer 2023

After the ELLI presentation students from LAE and Eton College were able to get to know each other over pizza whilst watching the England game.

We look forward to seeing our students work together throughout this institute.