Posted on: May 2nd 2023

Rewarding LAE Student Leaders

Last week we celebrated our hard-working Year 13 student leaders with a well-earned reward dinner.

Student Leaders play an important role in building the ethos of our school, forming a unique and essential part of our school community by representing the LAE networks and the school council.  Each individual has demonstrated great leadership and worked extremely hard for the benefit of their peers:

  • The School council represents the student voice and run charity events including this year's highly successful Iftar event.
  • Networks represent different community interests: LGBTQ+ Network, BAME Network, Gender Equality Network, Mental Health Network and Eco-Network.  Each network works both internally and within the local community to raise awareness for their issues and create communities of like-minded individuals.

As a community we thank you for your hard work throughout the year to improve the student experience at LAE and we wish you good luck with your exams!