Posted on: May 16th 2023

Eton LAE Leadership Institute 2022/23 Finale

The 2022/23 Eton LAE Leadership Institute (ELLI) concluded last weekend with a residential at Eton College marking the final event in a year long series of inspirational speakers, workshops and visits.

During the residential weekend, students heard from Sandra Thompson about the importance of Emotional Intelligence; presented on their group projects around the theme of leadership and celebrated their graduation with a lovely dinner together.

LAE students have benefitted hugely from this joint enterprise:  

"ELLI was an insightful programme into different types of leaderships and these leadership types in practice. It was interesting to see the different approaches into researching leadership that were presented by other students."

"ELLI was an experience I'll never forget, the lectures and the group activities opened doors that would have never been accessible to me." 

Congratulations to all our students for graduating and good luck on your leadership journeys.