Posted on: June 7th 2023

LAE Students Thrilled By 2:22 at The Apollo Theatre

LAE students studying Psychology and English and a group of our new prefects were delighted to be invited to attend "2:22: A Ghost Story" at The Apollo Theatre in London's West End.

Now in its fourth season, this thrilling story was written by Danny Robins, creator of the hit BBC podcast "The Battersea Poltergeist".  Danny crafts a funny and intriguing ghost story to take the audience on a journey where secrets emerge and ghosts may, or may not, appear.

Centred around a middle-class dinner party where characters Jenny and her insufferable husband Sam invite old friend Lauren and her salt-of-the-earth, new builder boyfriend Ben to dine.  The tense dinner party is underpinned by musings on class, identity and ghosts and allows for belief and scepticism to clash as it asks the questions: what do you believe? and do you dare discover the truth?

Our student reviewers write: 

"It was truly a great experience and very different to the shows I have previously seen.  Throughout the show I felt that I was so engaged with the plot, and the ending made the whole show even better. On the way home, my favourite part was discovering and unpicking the small details that I had missed while watching."

"It was exciting in a way that was unexpected and allowed for a lot of anticipation. It seemed that every character had traits which added to the metaphysical atmosphere, Lauren's own childhood experience, Ben's experience with his grandma, Jenny's main 2:22 story, which all made Sam's logical, completely non-occult world view so frustrating. The sudden sounds, the eerie music and the mundane objects made it seem homey in a way that added to the terror as it happens in the comfort of someone's home. I thoroughly enjoyed the set and the lighting, the focus on only four characters and the comic relief/humour embedded throughout."

LAE extend our gratitude to our friends at Nimax Theatres Ltd for providing us with such an amazing opportunity for our students.