About LAE

Jedidiah Olaleye


Biology, Chemistry, English Literature, Psychology

Everyone is so supportive at LAE. If you need help you can always count on students and teachers alike to give you the help you need.

It's also extremely motivating to be among other high achievers as we all want the same thing, we're all aiming for high grades and understand the struggles and the effort we each go through to get those high grades.

I have wanted to study medicine for a long time and my aim is to to a University in London perhaps UCL or Imperial. My long term aim is to go into Neurosurgery but, then again, I'm open to whatever different areas may interest me in the future. Thanks to LAE I have the opportunity and support to learn more careers in medicine through the MDV Pathway opportunities and also understand what I need to do to increase my chance of getting into medicine in the first place.

LAE really provides motivation and opportunities for everyone, regardless of their background, and helps us in reaching in our academic and personal potential. We have the building blocks to go on to the best education and to be successful in whatever career we desire.