About LAE

Aisha Bashir


Biology, Chemistry, Psychology

At LAE, it's not just about being a great academic, it's about becoming a whole well-rounded person.

We have clubs and extra-curriculars embedded in our timetables and we have networks such as the BAME network, the Gender Equality Network and others which allow us to look at other issues within the world. Personally I go to the gym every Thursday and I'm part of the Bio-Art Club, which allows me to see different microscope slides and create and edit different pictures, which I enjoy.

Academically I feel like all of our teachers really respect us, they really care about what we believe in and they really value our opinions as well. Our learning is relatively interactive because it's dependent on the way in which we answer questions. If we don't understand anything, we've got drop-ins where we can visit our teachers after school for what is basically a free tuition session so that we can just learn about the topics we may be struggling with. We also support each other peer to peer, and we teach each other different content and develop greater understanding using our study spaces such as the Agora, or the Library.

LAE enables us, as people who are coming from places like Newham which is often seen as a working class area, to get into the top universities such as Oxbridge, Russell Group or even Ivy Leagues. We have programmes which help us to learn how it is to study in America and different places around the world. It basically levels the playing field for us. I feel like our teachers really try to teach us that anybody can achieve anything if they work hard enough and I really believe that.