About LAE

Raymond Degiorgi


University of Cambridge, PGCE / Université Paris Diderot, MPhil

Our one common denominator is our interest in social mobility and raising the standards of education around the world.

LAE is a great place and I'm honoured to be working here. I joined the school in 2014, after teaching at Calderstones School in Liverpool and completing my PGCE at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge.  Prior to that I spent my Erasmus exchange year the University of Seville and wrote my dissertation during my year at the National University of Colombia, having been schooled in France, it is fair to say I have a relatively worldwide experience of education.   What I am most appreciative of at LAE is that we have colleagues from a huge variety of different backgrounds, and we are all interested in social mobility and raising the standards of education around the world. 

Teachers here are highly educated, we have all experienced university, some of us went all the way to PhD studies, and yet we're still very challenged by our students and that's simply wonderful.  There isn't a single lesson where we don't see students asking the most stretching questions: they have such an intellectual curiosity. Our student's eagerness to enquire is one of the things that also makes working at LAE so very interesting and keep us on our toes.

At LAE we offer a huge curriculum compared to many other state sixth forms, we include sports and co-curricular activities as we believe these are almost as important as our academic pursuits. Every student takes part in a sport or a club activity and that's crucial for their personal development.  Our aim is to provide every opportunity and experience alongside a world-class academic education to create truly well-rounded individuals.