About LAE

Nuha Syeda

ALUMNI (2019-2021)

EDUCATION: Admissions, LAE / MEDICINE: Medical Student Sept 2023

I think what's helped me succeed is the support of my teachers. When I was an A-level student they were there for me and always believed in me.

The teachers at LAE were amazing, especially as my first year didn't go as I had hoped, but they never gave up on me. I had to be resilient but I received a large amount of support from LAE.

In my extra-curricular activities I was a member of the BAME network and I did outreach every Friday where I went out to different schools to mentor and tutor. I was also fortunate to be part of the Pathway to MDV (Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science) which really helped me with my medical career aspirations and I'm looking forward to starting my medical degree next academic year. The extra curricular activities were extremely good and helped me develop communication skills which will be crucial to my future profession as a Doctor.

Working in Admissions at LAE I've definitely seen the other side and the amount of work that goes in the background for every student's benefit. Teachers and staff members are constantly working on how they can best help the students achieve their aspirations for their careers and lives. From outreach and extra-curricular to wellbeing and mental health I think just seeing that focus and hard work really makes you understand that they are doing it for the holistic benefit of each and every student and not just for the sake of academic achievement.

My advice to students would be to definitely keep on top of everything right from the beginning. There should be balance between being a teenager and keeping track of your work.