About LAE

Maisha Begum

ALUMNI (2013-2015)

POLITICS: Parliamentary Executive Assistant, House of Commons and Elected Councillor, Tower Hamlets

I genuinely loved my time at LAE. One of the things that I loved was the fact that the teachers genuinely cared about us.

Teachers didn't just see us as students going from class to subject to subject, they genuinely cared and they were interested in us as individuals and in our interests outside of academia. In my experience LAE has heart and depth and it helps you achieve your goals.

After LAE I took a dual degree in international relations, spending two years at City University in London followed by two years at Northeastern in Boston. For my masters I specialised in UK policy at London School of Economics and Political Science.

LAE helped me achieve my goals by creating a network between myself, the students I work and studied with, and the teachers. LAE gave me the skillset and tools to take with me to further study and beyond and the teachers gave me genuine advice encouraging me to consider what I was the most passionate about, what I wanted to pursue in the future, what is it that drives me. For me it was about seeking change.

My full time job is parliamentary executive assistant for the Labour Party in the House of Commons and for my second job, I am the elected councillor for the Labour Party in Tower Hamlets. I ran for elections in 2022 and I canvassed for a whole year knocking on doors and meeting individuals and telling them why it's so important to vote, I guess you can call me a Politician.

My advice to students would be:

Look at yourself and think how can I better myself. Do not compare yourself to others because the minute you start to do that, you will lose yourself. Ensure that your identity remains intact, and continue working to become the best version of yourself you can be.