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Ariana Islam


Economics, History, Mathematics, Politics, EPQ: Britain and Partition (A*)

At LAE we're surrounded by people who are also very academic, it's not necessarily competitive, it's uplifting for all of us.

It's actually extremely helpful because we're all trying to get the best possible grades for ourselves. It's not just the students aspirations and support that matters, our teachers are also extremely helpful and extremely nice.

The support provided by LAE throughout my studies has been really great. In preparation for my university applications, specifically for my application to the University of Oxford, I was able to take part in a series of mock interviews with different teachers as well as with external people from our partner schools. These were incredibly useful in helping me to prepare and practice how it felt to do an interview.

LAE comments: Ariana earned an A* for her excellent EPQ on Britain and Partition and is planning to go on to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics. She is currently holding offers from the University of Oxford and the University of Warwick.