About LAE

Sophie Brown


History, Mathematics, Philosophy and Theology

LAE prides itself on both its academics as well as its co-curricular opportunities.

LAE teachers teach like they would do in university, they have passion for their subjects and through that passion create an environment where students also have the passion for their subjects too. We all pride ourselves on getting high grades and pushing boundaries.

LAE also has a really strong opportunities programme, for example I recently attended a lecture on Criminology and Law from the University of Law which widened my considerations for the future. I had always thought about entering corporate law but I found this lecture so enlightening and informative I am now considering a wider range of options. Earlier this term I attended a conference at Mayer Brown where I had the opportunity to speak to a panel of legal professionals which was amazing. It is these types of opportunities, among others, that really help to level the playing field in our applications to our future places of education.

Currently my plan is to study Philosophy and Ethics at University, hopefully Oxbridge or another Russell Group University. Following my undergraduate degree I aim to take a conversion course to study Law. My mum studied for her degree after she had children, but I would be the first person in my family to go straight to university after school.