What We Offer

Personal development

Our close relationship with our partner independent schools enables LAE students to benefit from experiences they would never have expected. In addition, our House system, tutoring, outreach and volunteering opportunities are character-building and will help you build a rich and varied CV too.

House system

Each House at LAE is linked to one of, and named after, our partner schools. These houses visit their associated schools to get to know their sixth form ‘buddies’ there. LAE students then host their buddies when they come to Stratford. This has proved to be a great learning experience with pupils at both establishments discovering what they have in common and how they can learn from each other. Our partner schools.

Enrichment through outreach

By building positive relationships with the local community, our students will be well prepared to become confident, dynamic and responsible adults. On Friday afternoons students end the week by offering support to the local community; this may be mentoring students at their former school or volunteering at local charities.