What We Offer

The LAE Experience

Our core values of Excellence, Kindness, Respect, Humility, Independence and Resilience underpin all that we do. We are proud to be an inclusive community that promotes academic achievement, aspirational opportunities, enriching experiences and personal development: this is ‘the LAE experience’.

Academic achievement

Our students truly value working alongside like-minded peers who want to achieve and appreciate the productive and purposeful nature of life at LAE. Our focus is your focus - to secure the exam results you need to move on to a top university or entry to the profession of your choice. Read more...

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Aspirational opportunities

Our academic focus is driven by our students’ aspirations to study at the country’s top universities and fulfil their career ambitions. More than 300 LAE alumni are now studying at Russell Group universities. This year alone, 81% of students, who accepted places at university, are going to study at a Russell Group university, including six at Oxford and Cambridge colleges. Find out more...

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Enriching experiences

We offer our students as many different life experiences as possible to help find out what is right for them. We believe this is so important that it is built into our weekly timetable. Learn more...LAE experience charts   enriching

Personal development

Our close relationship with our partner independent schools enables LAE students to benefit from experiences they would never have expected. In addition, our House system, tutoring, outreach and volunteering opportunities are character-building and will help you build a rich and varied CV too. Read more...