What We Offer

Aspirational opportunities

Our academic focus is driven by our students’ aspirations to study at the country’s top universities and fulfil their career ambitions.

University progression

More than 850 LAE alumni are now studying at Russell Group universities. This year alone, the majority of students who accepted places at university are going to study at a Russell Group university, including 25 at Oxford and Cambridge colleges.

Our Oxbridge-style tutorial system coupled with the very best university guidance means that our students can reach their potential and go on to study at the top universities in the UK. We have close links with top universities including KCL, Oxford and Cambridge, and we are the only sixth form in the UK that can draw on the expertise of six top independent partner schools. This is why we have such a strong track record for university progression.

Careers guidance and education at LAE

At LAE we are committed to offering all students an effective and impartial programme of careers education, information, advice and guidance to support them in making choices that will enhance their life chances, guide them in choosing career paths that suit their interests and abilities and help them to sustain employability throughout their working lives.

This means developing in every young person the values, skills and behaviours they need to lead successful lives. LAE students will receive a rich provision of careers education, both inside the classroom and within professional contexts that develop the character attributes which underpin success in education and employment. High quality, up to date and impartial careers guidance is crucial in helping pupils emerge from LAE well-rounded and ready for the world of work. Learners at LAE are able to secure independent, impartial advice about the range of pathways open to them.



LAE students can find out about and apply for a range of opportunities to enhance their employability skills in each weekly bulletin. Such opportunities might include: work experience, essay competitions, insight talks, work and student shadowing schemes, apprenticeship opportunities, professional mentoring and scholarships. We have established partnerships with a range of industries and professional bodies. We encourage students to apply for a range of opportunities in order to discover their strengths and passions and to make informed decisions about their futures.


Work Discovery Programme

All Year 12s will take part in a work discovery programme that offers opportunities to improve employability skills; to gain information about a wide range of careers and post-A Level opportunities including alternatives to Higher Education; source and apply for work placements; insight days and workplace visits; receive impartial careers advice through meetings with our opportunities coordinator as well as outside partners; and to write professional CVs and applications.

This programme takes place for one term alongside ongoing careers lectures, opportunities to engage with professionals, work experience and an annual Higher Education and Careers fair. This will enable sixth formers to make informed choices about their futures after LAE.

Alumni programme

As part of our commitment to supporting our students with their ongoing professional development, we have an established alumni network and programme to engage with our alumni and offer them opportunities. Our alumni provide a valuable source of information and inspiration for our current students.

We continually evaluate the impact of our careers programme through: student surveys, feedback from professional volunteers and tracking of students who are engaging with opportunities. We seek further feedback from our alumni help shape and develop future programmes.

Further information about our careers guidance and education is available in our Careers Guidance Strategy. Please direct any queries to office@lae.ac.uk, marked for the attention of Ms Chakravarty.


Pathway to Law

A number of sixth formers successfully apply for Law or related courses each year and we are proud to have sixth formers on law courses at Russell Group universities including LSE, Birmingham and Queen Mary University of London. Law is a well-respected degree with good employment prospects, but getting onto a good course is extremely competitive. Many of our sixths want to pursue a career in Law (perhaps as a barrister or solicitor) or elsewhere in the Criminal Justice System (in roles such as a paralegal or police graduate). It may be that they go on to do an undergraduate degree in a different subject and then take a law conversation course before completing training. We can support this pathway through lectures, seminars and visits. By the time our sixths leave LAE, they have a very clear idea of their Pathway to Law – whether it is through an undergraduate law degree or other route.

What Opportunities will I have?

Through Year 12 we offer a series of lectures that include talks by top lawyers, academics and law-makers. For example we have had visits from cabinet ministers, Lady Justice Rafferty QC and Lord Evans who illuminated Year 12 on the role of the House of Lords in law-making.

We have very close links with the Sutton Trust, who each year invites our sixth formers to apply to their prestigious Pathways to Law scheme. We collaborate with our partner schools to support our Law applicants, who in the past have joined partner school trips and we invite other schools’ students to LAE for discussions and lectures. It means that our law applicants are confident in the world outside of school, being quite used to having ‘academic conversations’ with their peers, academics and practicing lawyers alike.

In addition, our ‘Work Discovery’ programme has a treasure trove of high status work placement contacts with whom we can put you in touch to get a feel for ‘life in the law’.

How will I be supported through UCAS?

At the end of Year 12 and beginning of Year 13 we ask you to make choices about courses and universities. Because law is not taught as an A level we recognise that law applicants need special support. Through tailored advice sessions applicants receive personal statement workshops, careers seminars, one-to-one sessions and trips. We also provide preparation lessons for the LNAT (National Admissions Test for Law, required by nine of the top UK universities).

How should I prepare myself in the meantime? Some suggestions…

  • Read a ‘serious’ newspaper every day and make a note of stories that relate to the law. Either in the way the legal system works (changes to legal aid, for example) or on interesting case law (‘test cases’).
  • Read about interesting cases and historical events that changed the way that law operates (beware ‘U.S. thrillers’ though – remember you’ll be studying UK/European Law with few exceptions)
  • Make the most of London: Go and visit the public gallery of your local magistrate’s court and watch justice in action. Visit the public gallery of the House of Commons. Take a trip to the City of London Police museum.
  • Arrange work experience/work shadowing in a solicitors’ office or any public sector offices (e.g. housing offices). Do voluntary work with groups that have lots of interaction with the criminal justice system (e.g. Citizens’ advice Bureau, Refugee groups).

Recommended Reading

The Rule of Law Tom Bingham
Eve was Framed and Just Law Helena Kennedy QC
The UK Human Rights Blog (written by barristers at 1 Crown Office Row chambers): http://www.1cor.com/humanrights

Pathway to Medicine

What is it?

Medicine is a perfect fit for anyone who endeavors to understand and apply research findings to aid the lives of their patients. It offers a range of experiences and challenges that many individuals seek and provides a career that is extremely rewarding. The study of medicine is vast and demanding, and subsequently only the best make it onto a medical programme. Here at LAE we look to support and guide our medics, and have a number of former LAE students at some of the top Medical schools in the country.

How will LAE support you?

Throughout both years at LAE much support and guidance will be provided to ensure that Medicine is the right course for you and that you feel as prepared as possible for an application to a Medical school.  By joining LAE’s medical society and attending talks, lectures and workshops you will have the chance to share your interest in Medicine and explore both the academic pursuit of Medicine and the subsequent career path.

In Year 12 our focus will be on ensuring Medicine is the right path for you. Talks from guest speakers, both current doctors and previous LAE medics, will give you an insight into life as a doctor as well as that as an undergraduate studying medicine. Sessions within our MedSoc will look to develop your interest in the academic side of Medicine as well as aid you in the search of work experience. Further to this MedSoc in year 12 will also look to develop the skills required to maximise your success in the UKCAT and BMAT examinations.

In Year 13 our focus will be on aiding your application to study Medicine at university. Much support and guidance will be given to ensure your personal statement is as strong as possible and sessions developing your interview skills will prepare you for the multiple mini interviews undertaken by many medical schools. 

How should I prepare myself?

As well as leading to a meaningful career, Medicine is an academic pursuit and life as a doctor can be stressful and tiring. Take time to research what being a doctor entails and ensure that you achieve the highest grades possible at GCSE, as the door to as Medical school will be closed unless you achieve at least AAA at AS level.

Finally organise work experience as early as possible and read up on medicine in the news and any literature that interests around the subject.

Recommended Reading

Getting into Medical School, 2006 edition Burnett and Ruston