Posted on: January 26th 2018

Lyn Brown MP visits LAE

LAE was delighted to welcome Lyn Brown MP, our local Member of Parliament to talk to our students about politics in the UK on Friday 26th January.

After a quick overview of her political career, Ms Brown engaged in a lively Q & A session with our students. Between them, they covered topics ranging from electoral reform, the state of the Labour Party, and education policy, to the mansion tax, knife crime and cooperation across party lines.

She concluded with a reminder of the importance and rewards of political engagement, and asked for the students’ views on what can be done to tackle the problems around social mobility in Britain today.

We are grateful to Lyn Brown MP for a very candid, fascinating and funny session which gave our students a much greater appreciation of the realities and challenges of working within our political system today.

The talk was part of our LAE Lecture Series which is just one of the ways we provide enriching experiences for our students to help them explore their interests and develop their whole person. Click here to find out more.


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